Welcome to our web portal for the Bureau of Construction Codes' (BCC) Boards and Commissions. Board and commission member and meeting information as well as agendas, minutes, and final decisions/orders can be searched or viewed from this portal.

All meetings will be held at 611 West Ottawa Street, Lansing, MI 48933.

Requests to appear before a board or commission (including completed documentation and applicable fee) must be submitted at least 35 days prior to the meeting date. However, requests to appear before the Barrier Free Design Board or BCC's Construction Board of Appeals must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the meeting date and submittals to the State Boundary Commission must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the meeting date. Meeting dates, times, and locations are subject to change.

Questions regarding meetings should be directed to BCC's Administrative Services Division at 517-241-9303.

The meeting site and parking are accessible. Individuals attending a meeting are requested to refrain from using heavily scented personal care products, in order to enhance accessibility for everyone. Please make sure all cell phones, pagers, and other personal electronic devices are turned off or set to vibrate. People with disabilities requiring additional services (such as materials in alternative format) in order to participate in a meeting should call BCC's Administrative Services Division at 517-241-9303 at least 10 work days before the meeting date. LARA is an equal opportunity employer/program.

Upcoming Meetings

October, 2019
State Boundary Commission - Regular Meeting
State Survey and Remonumentation Commission - Regular Meeting
State Plumbing Board - Regular Meeting
Electrical Administrative Board - Regular Meeting
November, 2019
Residential Builders' and Maintenance and Alteration Contractors' Board - Regular Meeting
Barrier Free Design Board - Regular Meeting
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Past Meetings

October, 2019
Construction Code Commission - Regular Meeting
Ski Area Safety Board - Regular Meeting
Board of Boiler Rules - Regular Meeting
September, 2019
Elevator Safety Board - Regular Meeting
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Recent Notices

Northern Lights Construction and Chester Parnell Irland 334077 and 334078
Ecostar Restoration and Renovations 334582
All American Remodeling and Eric David Snyder 334606 and 334604
Icon Restoration & Construction LLC and Martin Camaj 334838 and 334758
Trei William John Deubel 335953
Matthew Royal Cericola 335955
Robert D. Dunn and Building Impression Unlimited 336575 and 336576
Laura C. Jacobs and Absolute Waterproofing Solutions LLC 337047 and 337048
Rod Christy Pieron and Rod Pieron Building Co. 337275 and 337276
Ammar Altaweel - Master Electrician Examination
Billy Vancleave - Master Electrician Examination
Jason Tolan - Journey Electrician Examination
Jeffrey Gershinzon - Master Electrician Examination
Randall Coates - Journey Plumber Examination
Roy Zimmerman - Journey Plumber Examination
Todd Dailey vs. State of Michigan
Phil Forner vs. Township of Tallmadge
Township of Pickford Application to Administer and Enforce
Village of Galien Application to Administer and Enforce
Kenneth Carpenter - Mechanical Inspector
Dan VandeVoorde - Building, Mechanical and Plumbing Inspector
Leonard Terman - Mechanical Inspector
Charter Township of Adrian Application to Administer and Enforce
Michigan State University Science & Technology Building
Oakland County Health Center
Amerilodge Group, Sterling Hotels LLC - Wyndham Gardens
Smoke Guard, Inc. vs. State of Michigan
COMPL-MFH1800032 Lloyd's Mobile Home Community
COMPL-MFH1700276 Saginaw Community Villas, LLC
Big Powderhorn Mountain - Bessemer
Marquette Mountain - Marquette
Shanty Creek - Bellaire
Expert Roofing & Basement Waterproofing and Eric Dalae Walker 336645 and 336644
S&B Renovations and Remodeling LLC 336192
Brent Johnson and Johnson Contracting LLC 336689 and 336688
Steve Wilson - Journey Electrician Examination
Stephen Welsh - Master Electrician Examination
Matthew Pifer - Journey Electrician Examination
Kevin McQuigg - Sign Specialist Examination
Township of Pickford Application to Administer and Enforce
Township of St. Igance Application to Administer and Enforce
Village of Galien Application to Administer and Enforce
Don Nelson and Associates vs. Township of Canton
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